Scope of Services:

Changing of land use activities according to desired proposal. For instance changing a residential zoning to general residential (flats).

Merging erven, farmlands or portions of land together. For instance consolidation of erven 1 and 2 into one erf.

Cancellation of registered conditions
Nullifying strict conditions on title deeds. For instance reservations on the use of erf/portions, minimum building values, and building lines.

Consent uses
Compliant land uses on zonings. For instance on a office erf, consent uses permitted other than office use are Residential buildings, Places of public worship, Business buildings, hotels, Restaurant.

Formalization and upgrading of informal settlements
Designing and structuring informal settlements

Dividing farmland or erven into different parts. For instance taking a 10 hectare farm and subdivide it into smaller portions.

Township Establishment
Township layout design, preparation of motivation application

Town planning schemes
Formulating, amending and revising town planning schemes.

Closure of Public Open Spaces / Streets
Applying for closures of streets, public open spaces.

Purchase/Lease of portion of land
Buying portion of land from local authorities. As an owner living adjacent an open area/space you may purchase land and extend your erf boundaries to a maximum of 10 metres only if a water/sewerline is not affecting that portion.

Environmental Impact Assessments
Conducting and drafting environmental impact assessment, reports, environmental audits and environmental management plans.

Guide Plans / Structure Plans/Strategic Plans
Preparation of guide plans to provide guidelines for future development which will be of value to the local authority and to the public.

Policy Plans
Formulation of policy plans to provide detailed policy statement applicable to specific procedure or activity to guide development in small geographic areas or to regulate procedures for the service delivery by local authorities.

Prepare appeals on behalf of any owner who is aggrieved by a decision of a Council by appealing to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development (competent authority).

Public Participation
Facilitate the public participation process, formulation appropriate public participation methods and techniques to allow inclusion of people in all planning matters leading to the successful support and implementation of plans.

Identify training needs at national, regional as well as local authority level, formulate guidelines and provide training based on the needs of the incumbents resulting in the effective functioning of a technical office.

Socio-economic survey
Conducting baseline surveys to determine land use and economic activities for the formulation of policy plans, updates of valuation rolls and the determination of affordability levels of services in a local authority.

Registration of Business Permits
Registration of business operation permits such as Fitness Certificates, Bed and Breakfast, Lodges, guesthouses, schools, churches, office from home, etc.

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